Saturday, July 03, 2004

This is why I love the Yesterday's Tractors website

An example from the Implement Alley Forum:

This fella posed a question concerning a hay elevator...
We bought a hay elevator and it did not have a motor or a pulley on it. We put a 12 inch pully on the elevator and a 2 inch pulley on the motor. The motor is a 2 hp 1725 rpm. The problem is that it spins to fast.Does anybody have any ideas on how to slow it down? Thanks

and here we have some of the replies...
1) Barn Yard Physics 100:
A 2in. pulley on a1725 rpm shaft would be traveling something like 10850 in/min.
A 12in. pulley driven by a belt 10850in/min would be turning about 290rpms.
A 18in. pulley driven by that same belt would turn about 192rpms.

2) Try a bigger driven pulley.

3) I slipped up one time when I was running a table saw, cement mixer, corn elavator and small edger with only two motors, a 1725 rpm and a 3450 rpm motor put the 3450 on the corn elavator and sent ears of corn twenty to thirty feet over the corn crib.

As always,the names have been removed to protect the innocent.