Saturday, July 03, 2004

Tired of hearing about Johnsongrass yet?

I mowed the field today, about a foot off the ground. Some of that Sh*t was already waist high. I do have a lovely stand of Bermuda coming up through it in places though... now if it will outgrow the Johnsongrass I've got it made.

My mower is giving me problems again. The gearbox that we had to rebuild TWICE last summer is leaking again, so I'm guessing the seals are out in the bottom. I'm going to fill it up with grease instead of dope and see if I can get another year or two out of it. It is too damn hard to take apart for me to fool with trying to fix the seal, even though that is the proper way to fix it. When it finally does go out I'm just going to buy a complete gearbox to put on it. A Bushog brand if the splines on the shaft will match up with the splines on the stump jumper (the mower is a Farmhand and is metric, a Bushog is in normal measurements).

Tomorrow is my Mothers birthday. We normally have a cookout and get the family together, but she told me today that she didn't want to. I decided that I would do something that I rarely do. I'm going to go to Church with her. I think she'll enjoy that mare than burnt burgers anyway... except for missing out on sweeties Bananna pudding.