Friday, August 27, 2004

Elvis just treed a skunk. Unfortunately, he had our wittle rat dogs with him when he did this, so the house smells strongly of freshly washed polecat. The rat dogs got a bath, while Elvis gets to live outside until the odor dies down. I wouldn't be concerned about it, but since my bride has turned this proud specimen of a hound into a quasi-house dog I fear he's going soft.

Why is it that I always end up with the defective hounds? Elvis is supposed to be a coon dog, will he chase coons? No, because he's afraid of 'em. Some guys with the fire department used to come down here to coon hunt and they'd stop and pick him up to run with their hounds. He'd make a beeline for the house as soon as they'd corner a coon. Goofy dog. I guess he's just all looks and no substance. Shame I can't run him for public office.

He chases rabbits, cats and skunks. He's a mite confused about the first two. He's six years old and still hasn't figured out the difference betwixt cats and rabbits. After being sprayed by skunks a few times you'd think he'd learn to stay away from the striped kitty-kats too.