Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Came home from work today planning to move some stuff around with the Ferguson and found that it had a flat. That sort of killed my plans for the evening since I no longer have an air compressor. I did fire up my poor negelected 84' F-150 that hasn't been moved in six months. The accelerator was stuck and I had three dirt-dobber nests inside the breather (no, I'm not joking. Luckily only one was actually in the carbuerator.) It also had a flat, so I whipped out the handy-dandy can of fix-a-flat, the wonderous elixer that I use so often that my tire guys hate my guts. But I got her fired up and moved out of the way, because after lo these many months, we are begining construction of my sheds off the hay barn. I figure it's time since I bought the lumber back in Feburary.

A word about the F-150 though, unlike Terry's beloved Franklin, my truck doesn't have a name. Nor, as Stick will atest, does it have a floorboard, door panels, a current tag, or brakes. What it does have is a cracked windshield, bad clutch, a motor that knocks, a rusted out bed and a cantankerous carbuerator (which I'm sure the dirt-dobbers haven't helped much). I've toyed with the idea of selling it (not that it would net me much) but my bride has vetoed that idea every time I've brought it up. Y'see I've had this truck for eighteen years and up until last October, I drove it to work every day (of course, I had to park behind the building so the clients couldn't see it, but that was my doing, not managements).

I bought from my Dad's boss in Gulfport Mississipi. He drove it up to Chattanooga for me to pick up. My dad didn't like Fords, he'd been a Ford man up until 68' or so, when he bought a brand new one that was an out-and-out lemon. That soured him on the folks up in Dearborne. That's why I learned to to drive in a 73' GMC (in a hayfield, of course), so when he came in with a polariod of this truck and said "Carl wants to sell his truck and I think you should buy it." I was shocked. My first words were "Daddy, I can't buy that, that's a Ford!" He assured me it was a good truck and he thought I should buy it, so I did. Two motors, a transmission, two rear ends, a transfer case and 250,000+ miles later, it's still running, even if all it is is a mobile toolbox and hay wagon mover.