Monday, August 02, 2004

Haven't been up to writing much lately. I've been tied up with the catalog-from-hell at the Salt mines and some folks I free-lance for have loaded me down with a bunch of work this past week, which is a very good thing and I've been trying to help Sweetie get everything ready for her mom and stepdad to come visit. They are here now, but leaving in the morning heading to Des Moines. Sweetie was supposed to go with them, leaving me a batchelor for the week, but the plan may have fallen through now. I'm not complaining... my cooking gets really old, really fast. There are only so many hamburgers a guy can eat, even a tub like me!

I left the office at 1:30 today to come home and mow... it looks like (except for one day) that I have a week and a half of good weather, so I am mowing everything except my fields here on the farm. Although I am extremely busy at the office, it seems I am the only one who seems to give a rat's ass about our dealines (the catalog deadline was today) so I said to hell with it and took half a vacation day. Probably going to take another half day Wednesday and I might even take the whole day Friday.

I just finished a field that has the evil-grass-who's-name-starts-with-J that was higher than the tractor cab. Nine $^*&@ feet.! Luckily, it ain't my hay, just some I'm mowing for a neighbor. Caught quite a bit of seed on top of the mower apron... anyone got any nieghbors you're pissed off at? I can hook you up with some of this vile stuff.