Friday, September 03, 2004

Are you unhappy with your job?

It could be worse. A lot worse.

First, let me backtrack a bit. The other day I said something about telling Sweetie that getting cable was a bad idea, well here is one of the reasons why.

I came in from work Wednesday and flipped on the idiot box to check the weather. I have a tendency to do that Spring/Summer/Fall whether I have hay on the ground or not. After looking at the forecast, I decided to drink a glass of tea and see what was on the History Channel before going to the barn. There was a show on called Modern Marvels and they were talking about the Cattle Business, so I settled down to watch. They had all kinds of stuff on there and talked a lot about how its not Cowboys on horseback anymore.

Then they got to the part about AI... and by AI I don't mean Artifical Intellingence, but Artificial Insemination. I am a bit familair with this process in horses, but not at all about how they do it with cows.

First of all let me say I feel sorry for these high priced bulls. They're never allowed near a cow because of STD risks. But I feel even more sorry for the steer they use as a teaser to get the bull ready for action.

Let that sink in for a minute and I'll continue.

They lead this poor steer out and bring him around in front of the bull, who having never been near a cow is so excited he'd mount a Volkswagon. The bull starts following the steer around and soon mounts him .

Now we get to the crappy job part.

When the bull climbs on board, this guy runs over and grabs the bull's ahh, equipment and places a baggie on the end of it and holds it until the bull does his business. This guy is called a "collector" and of the the three, Bull, Steer and Collector, I'm not sure which has the worst job. The guy doing the collecting was smiling and seemed to have a good attitude. I'd say he's got a sense of humor too. You'd have to with a job like that.

Now, I have no idea if that's the way its done everywhere, but that is a short version of what was on the show.

The point is, no matter had obnoxious the soap opera is at the saltmine, at least I'm not working as a "Collector" on a Angus Farm.

But once again, this proves that cable is a bad thing. Why? because I see things like this and inflict useless information upon my friends of course.