Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I feel like I've been run over by a snot truck

That is, provided there was such a thing as a snot truck. I'm taking a shotgun dosage of of Sudafed, Tylenol Allegry, Nyquil and Contact, so I cannot be held responsible for anything I type today.

Today marks an entire week since I've drank a Coca Cola. Big deal huh? It is for me, because I usually drink at least two a day along with sweet tea at every meal. Haven't drank any sweet tea in a week either. I'm trying to wean myself off this crap before I keel over dead. Salt is next on my hit list... well, the amount of salt is next. Whenever I finally get used to this.

Things are dead at the saltmine today, so I'm archiving. Since I can burn CDs in the background I decided to type out some hogwash for my two faithful readers to be bored by. I think I'll start with my Alabama expedition.

I found an ad in the Farmers exchange for a 65hp Deutz tractor and a NH 273 square baler last week. I called the guy and found out it was fairly close by in Skyline Alabama, which is not too far us on the other side of Scottsboro. Bigger Brother and I decided to ride over there Saturday morning and come back accross Sand Mountain and look at equipment up there while we were over there.

Found the place without too much difficulty and looked the tractor over. It was a little beat up, but it ran well. We did have to pull it off, but a hot battery should take care of that. After a lot of disscussion, we decided to buy it, because I highly doubt we'll find a better deal. This would be great if it were, say March or April, but at least we'll have it for next season. It will make life a lot easier to have a third machine. Since this tractor is between the two that we already have (size and hp-wise) I can use the smaller implements with it, but it's still big enough to handle the mowers.