Sunday, September 19, 2004

TC is calling me names

We rode over to Alabama yesterday and picked up the Deutz, so now I have three tractors. Well, technically I have two and a half since the Ford is down right now. I had intended to use the Deutz today, but big brother took off with the manual and I've never driven one, so it stayed parked today. I had the boys up to help me with barn cleanup. We managed to get most of the mess cleaned up, but there is still more to do than I care to think about before we can in there with a dozer. I think the worst part will be tearing down the rest of the shed, which wouldn't be so bad in and of itself if not for all of the freaking engine blocks, transmissions and assorted junk my brother had piled in there the last thirty years.

I have a clear stretch of weather and no hay to cut. I think I am going to take tomorrow off to bushhog.

Did stop in Stevenson and look at a 430 JD round baler, but I think he's a little high on it. $4500. It might be worth calling about if he'll come off that about a thousand or so.

In related news, since I've tried NH stack wagons and accumulators and wasn't too pleased, we are talking about finding a bale buggy. A bale buggy is a large, odd looking two-wheeled cart that trails along behind a square baler. The bales go up a slide and dump into the buggy and when it's full you open the back door and dump everything on the ground. The biggest advantage to this is that you can dump everything in one place for loading, which beats the heck out of driving all over the field to pick them up.

And since I never finished the story about my heading for this post, here it is...

I realized about the time we got to Chattanooga yesterday (which was far too late to back out) that we shouldn't have bought the Deutz. I told my brother this and he asked why? So I had to tell him that TC was already calling me "little Farrell" because I have been having so many problems with the weather these past two years. For anyone who has been reading this, Farrell is my neighbor that I've written about as "FG." This poor guy used to drink a lot and kept all of his equipment tore all to hell, all the time. Farrell has two Deutz tractors, an 90.06 and a 60.06 just like the one we just bought. I had to listen to my yahoos all day talking about that damn tractor. They wanted to know where I kept my whiskey bottles when I was driving it. So far I've had two of the nieghbors stop and ask if I'd bought it from Farrell.

And of course, now that we've bought it, bigger brother found a big Ford tractor with a cab for not much more money...

I think we'll be happy with it, but I do wish it were a Ford.