Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Well that was bizarre

DR, who I written much of, has lost his mind.

His ex-wife is evidently leaving the idiot she left him for and wants to move back in with him. This makes about six or seven times this has happened now. And of course, he's taking her back. The bizarre part is that he called asking to borrow my truck to move her. He's afraid to use his because he has no insurance at the moment. The reason he has no insurance is because of his ex-wife (indirectly). The boy has lost his marbles completely. I would have wrote her off after the first time she left me.

Yes, I did loan him my truck. I even cleaned it out for him (first time in nearly a year you could see the bedliner).

I guess a shrink would say I'm enabling his stupidity. Maybeso, but we've been friends for nearly thirty years and if he thinks this is what it takes to bring some joy into his life, I'm not going to try to talk him out of it.

Although I still think he's crazy as hell.

In other news, I still haven't managed to bale any hay. Popped about five shear pins and quit. Maybe it'll bale tomorrow, once again provided I can get away from the office. I don't think that will happen as one of our clients is trying to kiss up to Home Depot and I have to do a metric butt-ton of labels with a 1pm Friday deadline. Wouldn't be a problem, but they are all Illustrator files.

I did get everything here raked with the new tractor. It runs pretty fair, but smokes like a tar pit. I really, really like the foot throttle. That's a handy thing. I don't like the fact that seat won't adjust far enough back to keep my big ole belly out of the steering wheel though.

The Farmers Exchange came today, someone in middle Tennessee has a 551 Ford round baler in there for $1400. I didn't really get to use mine enough to decide whether I liked it, but $1400 for a field-ready belt baler is going to be hard to beat.