Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I was never overly fond of Zell when he was Governer, but I've been more than a little pleased with him since he went to Washington. I've never really listened to him speak before, so I have no idea if he always sounds like this, but tonight he spoke with such ferocity that Cheney's first words were "I'm glad Zell Miller is on our side." Hells bells, after hearing him tonight, I'd vote for him if he were to run for something again, even though he is still a Democrat.

His delivery was interesting. The way his voice rose and fell reminded me of an evangelist at a tent revival. I wonder if the talking heads or the yankees in the audience picked up on that? He sounded perfectly natural to me, but the Bride didn't care for it. I think there was a little Rebel in Zell that rose to the surface briefly when he was talking about the two Senators from Massachusetts.

That was probably the most forceful speech I've ever heard and if there are any Democrats left who didn't hate Zell, I'm sure they do now.