Monday, October 11, 2004

300th post

And it's a shame I don't have anything important to write about.

We're going to pass on the 336. Bigger brother looked at it Friday and said it needed a LOT of work to get it where it needs to be as far as making the kind of bales I want goes. There is an auction in Carrolton this Saturday that I may try to attend. There are all kinds of goodies going up on the block.

We spent Saturday afternoon looking at the TD14, which is a story itself, complete with billowing clouds of smoke and copius cursing.

No, we couldn't get it to start. He's ran it out of fuel and it has air in the lines. That's bad with any diesel, with a fifty year old diesel it's a major headache. We may go back up there this weekend and see what we can do. If it runs halfway decent, I'll probably buy it. It's big enough to push around anything I need it to. Plus it had a nice cage around the operator's station, so I don't have to worry about trees falling on me. I've had that happen, so that's a minor concern...