Friday, October 15, 2004

Thanks to everyone for your concern

I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who has written me and or left comments. This whole thing has been a wakeup call of sorts for me. I am very thankful that this has turned out to be a relatively minor thing rather than something life-threatening. My darling bride loves to watch ER, so of course the only thing running through my mind was the episode where Dr. Green realizes this brain tumor is back...

The biggest problem I'm having with this is trying to sit in front of computer with an eye that doesn't blink. I've got an eyepatch, which helps, but it doesn't work too well with my glasses. I haven't worn contacts in years (that little bit of vanity went away quite some time ago), but I may have to get some for my left eye just so that I can work, if this condition persists more than a few days.

One thing about it... I'll probably lose some weight, 'cause it's hard to eat like pig when your mouth don't work right.