Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Carry Guns

After the incident a few days ago, that set me to thinking I need to renew my carry permit that I very foolishly let expire a few years ago. I have been too lazy to take a Wednesday (they only do that on Wednesdays here) off to go to the courthouse and get a new one. And this of course led me to another train of thought.

I've gotten rid of all my good carry guns. All I have left are blackpowders and a couple of Colt SAA repops.

Over the years I've owned a 70 series 1911 (all tricked out with three-dot sights, flat mainspring housing, extended slide stop, etc.), a compact 1911 Officers model (my favorite, even though I couldn't hit anything with it past thirty feet), a Security-Six snubbie, a 6" Redhawk in .44 magnum (not that gawdawfully huge Super Redhawk, just a regular Redhawk), two GP-100's, a couple of Blackhawks in .375 and a Ruger Bisley in .41 magnum (got rid of that one quick).

I don't have any of these critters anymore.

When I do carry anything, it's a Uberti SAA in .45 Long Colt, which has become my favorite caliber. Great big honkin' bullet like a .44 magnum, but very little recoil. I wish I could find a S&W model 25-5, which is, as far as I know, the only double action revolver available in .45 Long Colt. Baring that, I'd like to find a Redhawk in .357. The .44 I owned the slickest action of any double action revolver I've ever handled and that includes the Colt Python that DR used to own.

I've had other stuff, but my brain leaks anymore and I have CRS really bad these days. I think a big part of it is the fact I'm more interested in farm equipment than firearms now.

Wonder if I need a permit to carry a Dragoon?