Thursday, November 18, 2004

Of Skunks and Dogs

I think everybody who lives out in the sticks has ran into this problem before. Now I shall tell a story of how one man dealt with it. Whether this story is true I cannot say, but suffice to say, if it ain't true, it could be .

This ole boy from up in the hills came into the local general store one day and asked the man behind the counter for a box of Tide. The proprietor was somewhat taken aback, because this fellow wasn't the sort to do much in the way of household chores. His curiosity was roused, so he asked "Whatcha need a box of Tide fer?"

"My ole hound dawg has done went and got in a fight wit' a polecat and I gots to do sumthin' with him."

"I ain't so sure that's a good idee... I don't thank you need to use that there laundry detergent on a dog."

"Well, I gots to do sumthin with 'im. He's about t' stink me out of t'house."

The man took his box of Tide and left. A couple of weeks later, he came back to the store and the storekeeper asked him if that Tide did the trick on cleaning up his dog.

"Naw, he died."

"Died! Now, I tried t'tell you not to wash that dog in Tide!"

"I don't thank it war the Tide that kilt 'im, I thank it was the spin cycle."