Monday, December 13, 2004

Indian Bob

Again, we're having to trust my memory here, but this story is told to the best of my recollection.

Indian Bob was driving home from work one night a couple of years ago and passed a policeman who had a drunk pulled over and was in the midst of a wrasslin' match with him. Bob slowed down and hollered and asked the deputy if he needed any help. The deputy hollered back yes, so Bob pulled over and jumped out of the truck.

Now, Bob is a pretty big boy... not fat at all, just build solid. He ain't nowhere near as big as I am, but I sure wouldn't want to tangle with him. At this particular time he was wearing his hair long and had a beard and on this particular day Bob was wearing overalls and no shirt...

Bob come up behind the feller the deputy was wrasslin' with between the two of 'em they managed to get him on the ground, whereupon Bob sat on his chest whilst the deputy went to call for backup.

While the deputy was still makin' his radio call, two carloads of deputies come pullin' up, jumped out of their cars and threw down on Bob.

Bob, of course put his hands up and said "hey guys, I'm on your side!" Meanwhile the first deputy came a runnin' back over hollerin' for his buddies to take it easy. The deputy thanked Bob and he went on home.

At this point in the story Bob's wife piped up and said "The worst part of this was Bob made us watch COPS for six months to see if he was on TV."