Thursday, December 30, 2004

Santa was good to me

Ok, actually my darling bride was.

But first, I have to talk about what I got for my bride. She went crazy a few weeks ago and repainted the kitchen and put up some goofy wallpaper border that has these little fat chefs dancing around on it. I was a bit uneasy about it at first, but it's starting to grow on me now.

First of all, I got her a little rug that matched her wallpaper border. One of my co-workers told me that there was a place in town that carried a lot ot accessories for that kind of decor, so I went down there and loaded up on "fat chef" knicknacks. A napkin holder, Some decorative plates, some little bowls, some sort of jug, and salt and pepper shakers, all with this same chef motif.

And since I also like to be practical, and since we will in theory (knock on wood) have three foals this spring, I had a buddy pick up a foal halter, a weanling halter and several matching lead ropes at the saddlery.

She seemed to be very happy, so I guess I done good.

Now, I have to brag about my loot just a little, because I loaded up on reading material. Those Amazon wish lists do come in handy don't they?

I had to abandon Hemingway, for a couple of weeks at least, because I have several other books I want to get to first...

Starting with the Sage of the Southwest, Baxter Black. My dear bride got two of his books for me, Cactus Tracks & Cowboy Philosophy (which is a compliation of some the commentary he's done for NPR over the years) and Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet. I hope to someday be able to tell stories the way that he can. I first heard of him through the pages of Western Horseman, (which is one of the best horse magazines on the market, at least in my humble opinion). As far as I'm concerned he ranks up there with Lewis Grizzard and Jerry Clower as a storyteller. The stories are pretty damn funny, but some of the poetry will make you roll in the floor... well, if you've spent a lifetime around livestock and country folk that is.

Moving right along, we come to Partisans and Redcoats, which is about the Revolution in the Carolinas. And I will confess, that's one I bought for myself. It arrived Tuesday and I've already made it 43 pages into it (while reading Cactus Tracks & Cowboy Philosophy along the way, as well as a book about the Knights Templars that I bought a couple of weeks

Bigger brother gave me a copy of Ford Tractor Implements, which is an interesting little book, full of nifty pictures. I guess you could say that the title gives the subject away, what?

The boys at the gunshop gave me a Frederic Remington book, which pleased me greatly as I have a copy of this particular work, but it was damaged in a fire several years ago.

My darling bride also remembered a book I read in the distant past that completely aborbed all of my attention for over a week. Literally. I did not accomplish anything until I finished it. Unintended Consequences. To be honest, I am unsure how to describe this book. I don't know what exactly it was about it that captivated me so, but the only other novel I can remember that I was that absorbed with was Tom Clancy's Without Remorse.

And finally (as far as books go at least), another one I got for myself, The Union Cavalry in the Civil War: The War in the West, 1861-1865. Yep, it is Volume III... but Volumes I & II are about the eastern theatre, which I've never had as much interest in as I have the war in the west. In scanning it briefly today I ran accross some nasty things Billy Sherman (among others) had to say about the Tennessee (Union) regiments. I will probably have some quotes when I do start reading the book.

My darling bride also gave me a CD, The Three Pickers, Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson and Ricky Skaggs. This is one of the very best bluegrass CD's that I've listened to in ages.

And of course there was a bunch of other stuff, but this is what surprised and pleased me the most. I am blessed with friends and family who understand what makes my mind work.