Monday, December 13, 2004

Yet another Skinner story

Once upon a time, many years ago. Donald was doing some renovations in Chattanooga and came across a great deal of lead that was going to be thrown away. Naturally he gathered it up and threw it in the back of his truck to take to Skinner, who liked to make his own bullets. Skinner of course was excited because there was about 150 pounds of it. He commenced to melting it down and making bullets. Minie balls, round balls, just about everything he had molds for.

After three or four evenings of making bullets after work, he noticed he that his beard was turning white in places. The next day it started falling out in big chunks.

He called Donald and asked him "Hey Donald, where'd y'git all that lead?"

"Up at _____ Hospital from the X-ray department."

Somewhere in the hills of North Georgia, way back in a holler out it the woods, future archeologists will find a large cache of radioactive minie balls and wonder...