Tuesday, January 18, 2005


We've been busy as hell at the saltmine, plus I've had a very big side job that I just (hopefully) finished tonight.

In other news, I now have a working DVD burner. Internal no less. I could not see the point in paying an extra forty bucks for another box to put on my already cluttered desk. After all I'm running out of places to put all of my silly toy tractors. (Yes, I collect toy tractors the way a nine-year old collects Hot Wheels cars, I figure they're the only new equipment I can afford.)

For that matter, I'm thinking it's time for the Jaz drive and the Zip drive to go bye-bye. I haven't used either one in over a year and all they're doing right now is sucking up electricity. Once in a blue moon I use a Jaz at work, but only for authoring Mac/ISO hybrid CDs. I've never had to do that at home, so what's the point in keeping it hooked up?

The other thing holding me back is the laborious process of going through all of my Zips to see if there's anything there worth saving. Which is almost as bad as going through the pile of CDs before Christmas when I cleaned my pig sty of an office.