Friday, January 28, 2005

Smells like burning money

Seems that a feedlot up in Nebraska has a problem with their manure pile.

It's smouldering and they can't figure out out to put it out.

I have the solution to their problem, but for that matter the answer is in the article.

Most big feedlots spread the manure over farm fields or compost it to spread later or sell commercially to gardeners.

Sounds to me like he needs to invest in a manure spreader or a spreader truck and not let his manure pile get that big. One would think the EPA would be all over him like a cheap suit. For that matter, instead of having one gigantic pile, why not have several smaller ones? There is no reason for this to happen when there are farmers within a short distance would be tickled to buy his cowshit to spread on their fields.

I'm just a dumb hick and I know that much.

I could be wrong, but it smells like piss-poor management to me.