Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Corn FlakesWheaties

Uncle Goob is in his late sixties now, but when he was growing up, a lot of the things we buy at the grocery store were new. Still needing the "bugs" worked out if you will.

Corn flakes and Wheaties and suchlike were a new thing and his mother had bought some because that was a quick way to fix Goob and his older brother breakfast before they'd go to school of a morning.

Now Goobs' brother was involved with some kind of sports, so he'd leave about an hour earlier than Goob in the mornings. One particular morning when Goob was about ten or twelve years old, he came into the kitchen to eat breakfast and his Mama poured him up a bowl of cereal.

Goob took one look at it and said "Mama, I ain't eatin' that."

"Oh yes you WILL!"

"No I ain't."

WHAP! She smacked him in the side of the head.

"You better eat every bite of it!"

"Mama! Look at it!"

It was crawling with weevils. Y'know, them bugs what you find in dry oats and cattle feed on occasion?

His Mama commenced to wailing and crying.

Goob said "Mama, what's wrong?"

"Your brother ate two bowls of that before he went to school!"

I saw Uncle goob tonight and he assured me that it was not Corn Flakes but Wheaties that his brother ate that fateful morning.