Sunday, February 06, 2005

CW Show

I went to a Civil War/Relic show this morning. Mainly to look for books, because that's pretty much all I can afford at these things. I took the camera along and although my pik-ture taking abilities leave much to be desired I took a few shots of some of the more interesting things I saw.

A Vandenberg volley gun. (Yes it was for sale)

Several Lemat revolvers.

Carbines, Carbines, Carbines! Burnsides, Sharps, Spencers, Manyards, Joslyns, Gallaghers, Halls, just about anything you can name, it was there.

I have a lot more pictures from the show that I will probably be posting later.

I am also pleased with myself because I showed remarkable restraint in not buying this.

That was probably the only gun at the show I could afford. It is a Uberti repop of the later production Paterson Colt. I have two of the older style Patersons that I used to carry in pommel holsters for an early war Confederate impression, but I always wanted one with the loading lever (the older Patersons lacked a loading lever and had to be partially disassembled to load... ever try to do that on horseback? It ain't easy).

I did get three books, one on the Atlanta Campaign, one on Lepanto and one on Marlborough (as in John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, not the cigarettes).