Sunday, February 06, 2005

Happiness is

a dozer that will crank and run without an act of congress.

I've been burning brushpiles and playing in the dirt. I've got a patch of scrub about 50 feet wide by seventy feet long that I'm trying to get rid of. Actually, that's the size it is now. It was a lot bigger yesterday morning. I am very happy with the Case, but really and truly it was easier to knock trees down with the trackloader.

Bigger Brother, along with DR and myself worked on the barn yesterday. We got a fair amount accomplished on the north side, but still not as much as I'd like. Ghee, it's only been a YEAR since I bought the lumber. Maybe by this time next year we'll be finished.

I've also been playing plumber. We have an $80 water bill. It seems that one of the outside faucets decided to blow up, unbeknownst to me. Since I don't know how to sweat copper, I had to go the compression fitting route. I figure if I can fix hydraulic lines, surely I can do water lines?

Well, maybe...

It is fixed now. Sort of. It only took two trips to Lowes. With a third one for tomorrow. On my second trip I did have the presence of mind to buy a plug... just in case. I soon discovered I need about a six inch union in order to connect the new faucet to the water line. Since I wasn't in the mood for a third trip to Lowes, I plugged the line, turned the water back on and guess what? No leaks.

I was rather proud of myself.