Monday, February 14, 2005

I heard a new one today

Called about an 784 IH, 4wd with a loader. $8K. I'm thinking that's awful cheap, 'specially from a dealer. Talk to the salesman, ask him what the story is. He starts off by extolling the virtues of the loader...

I asked him, "well, what about the tractor?"

He replies "Waal, it's mechanically sound, but it's rougher than a night in jail.

That one goes right along with rougher than a cob, ain't much punkin' and looks like hell with the hide knocked off.

And I know that it ain't Blue (Ford/New Holland), but after my little Saturday afternoon jaunt through the swamp with the Deutz (I buried it nearly to the rear axle and had to drag it out with the dozer) I'm much more inclined to look at other colors so long as it's a 4wd.