Saturday, February 19, 2005

In other news

I repossessed a bog harrow today that Daddy loaned to Farrell about 25 years ago. It's a long and drawn out and complicated tale that I shan't bore anyone with... I think my usual drivel is quite boring enough.

But that is, once again, beside the point. Whilst I was up there to get the thing, I was looking around in wonder at some of the assorted scrap iron that the new property owner (Farrell sold most of the farm) has drug out of the weeds and I saw an odd little contraption that I first thought was some sort of rock rake. It looked like two scrape blades welded together into a V with some sort of gearbox mounted on top.

I asked the guy that loaded the disc for me what it was and he said "aww, that thar's an old snowblower."

"What in the hell was Farrell doing with a snowblower?" I asked, after my brain had time to process that...

Before I continue, I have to say this has GOT to be the most hare-brained scheme I've ever heard of.

"Wayull, they'uns got that thang 30-40 year ago and wuz atrying to use it to clean the chickenhouses with."

Now, I can see how, in theory, this could work. The V blades would sort of windrow the litter, just like a V rake with hay, while the blower Could be pointed at the manure spreader to load it up without having to resort to the shovel method. But with the blower, there comes the problem...

I had to ask, y'know.

"How well did that work?"

"Not too well... Farrell said they's s'much dust off'n that litter it looked like t'chickenhouse wuz on farrr."