Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My bride went on a jaunt

over to Charleston last weekend, which left me free to go to equipment sales, watch the History channel and Sci-Fi channel to my hearts content and just generally be a bum for two days.

Short and sweet movie review. Remember the Four Feathers remake from a couple of years agone?

It sucked.

Not only was it (wildly) historically inaccurate, the acting wasn't that great either. Even the one they made in the 70s was better. All kinds of whining and touchy feely shit about feelings and cowardice and all that rot. I got news for 'em. Audie Murphy, Bill Mauldin and Arthur Hunnicutt already did that movie. It's called The Red Badge of Courage. It was a helluva lot better than this PC pile of stinking crap.

The only point in their favor would be the weapons. The Brits were using Martini-Henrys and I saw at least one Snider Conversion Enfield rifle. To me, that was about the only saving grace of the movie.

Also watched The Natural, which was good as always. I dunno why, but I could care less about Baseball, but I love Baseball movies. Even the bad ones like Major League and Mr. Baseball. And I watched Tank, a James Garner movie from the early 80's. It's a pretty good little film. Part of it was shot in North Georgia, but I'm sure exactly where.

But, getting back to the Four Feathers, I think the Scorpion King (which I also watched Saturday night) was probably more historically accurate...