Saturday, February 19, 2005

ok, so I've been a slacker lately

I went to an equipment sale this morning... easy to tell that it's wintertime and everybody is bored. Most of what was at the sale was out and out junk, but it brought outrageous (in my mind at least) prices. I went to buy a post-hole digger. It brought nearly as much as a new one sells for.

The only bargain I saw was the Tye No-Till drill that brought 2K. I have never priced a new one, but I'd say they're close to 10k new. TG next door bought a Sunflower Drill last Summer that (I think) set him back about 15k.

I was sorta kinda looking at this big Allis 7045... until I saw the nifty hay twine throttle cable they'd rigged up on it. It wasn't a bad looking tractor if you look past the rust, but although it ran well, first and sixth gear were out in the transmission. I shudder to think how much work it would be to split that thing to fix it.

There was also the issue of my being able to squeeze my fat ass into the cab. Not to mention the fact that I need a 150hp tractor like I need a lobotomy. Although there are some who think I do indeed need one.

Anyhoo, it brought $3200, which isn't bad if you need something like that to pull a big chisel plow or offset harrow, but it was about $2200 more than I'd have paid for it.