Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Dukes of North Georgia

I mentioned recently that CMT was running the Dukes of Hazzard five days a week now. Surely that must be a sign of impending doom. I heard a tale the other day that is related to the Dukes, albeit in a bizarre fashion.

We have a local attorney who occasionally pops up on the national radar screen who I shan't name, so we'll call him Atticus Finch. Now, he's a pretty good guy (even for a lawyer), often taking cases no one else will touch, knowing that he isn't going to make much, if any money out of it. He handled something for a local fellow a couple of years ago who paid him with two goats... He had also handled a case for a guy who couldn't pay and in lieu of cash had given Atticus a car. More specifically, a replica of the General Lee. He left it parked outside his office until he could figure out what to do with it.

At this particular time, he had one of those cases that had him on TV quite a bit. He was defending a kind of loopy client in a capital case. We'll call the client Carl Childers. Now, as I've said, Carl was a loopy hermit and he was just a wee little bit paranoid.

One morning Carl calls Atticus at his office and tells him that there were a bunch of people with TV cameras up at his place and he wanted Atticus to come run 'em off.

Naturally Atticus wanted 'em gone too because the trial was still going on, so he grabbed his jacket and headed for the door, only to realize that his wife had came by earlier and borrowed his car.

So as you can see, he didn't have much choice... He hopped in the General Lee and drove over to Carl's to run the media off.

I wonder what in the world was going through the minds of the media folks when they saw that car coming up the driveway? Here they are at the home of a guy who is looked upon as something of a local nutcase and here comes his lawyer driving up in the General Lee...

I wonder if they had cameras rolling when he arrived? And I wonder if he blew the horn coming up the driveway? You've got to admit it would be hilarious to see a lawyer come rolling up in that car... Come to think of it, I wonder if the car had the doors welded closed, like the TV version? I can picture him trying to crawl out of this car to run these people off... crawling out of a car can't do much for your dignity when you're trying to speak from a position of authority.

Oh well, only in Georgia...