Thursday, March 10, 2005

I might

have told this tale before, if so, my apologies.

There was this city feller that moved out into the sticks what raised dogs. Ain't sure what kind of dogs, but they was some kind of sure-nuff fancy-smancy show dogs.

Well, the old man that lived next door to the city feller had himself a pack of old coon dogs, so the two of 'em would occasionally talk dogs together.

One day the city feller asked the old man "What do you feed your hounds? I feed my dogs Purina super-duper pro* dog food."

The old man said "Wayull, I mostly feed 'em turnip greens."

The city feller was aghast! "Turnip Greens! Oh, my dogs wouldn't eat that!"

The old farmer just grinned and said "Mine wouldn't either... the first month."

*Not a real product