Tuesday, March 29, 2005

In other news

For those of you who were keeping up with the saga of DR's love life and lack thereof he let slip over the weekend the real reason he finally ran his ex-wife off. You could say that this was indeed the straw what broke the camels back.

The last time she was living with him, he found a half empty trash bag mixed in with the stuff to go to the dump one day. Something possesed him to see what she was throwing away and in it he found his hat.

Now, this isn't just any hat. He's had it for nearly twenty years. His mother gave it to him when he was sixteen and it's as much a part of him as his nose and ears.

That's why he finaly sent her packing. Not the drugs, the screwing around, the stealing or the fact that she'd ran off and left him four or five times (carrying off everything she could lay hands on each time), but the fact that she was trying throw away a part of him.

DR called me tonight, he brought a dog home from the pound today. A little Sheltie female that was scheduled to be put down today. He sounded kind of down in the dumps about it.

I think he feels like he's betrayed Bingo by bringing home another dog.