Monday, March 14, 2005

Speaking of dogs

I stopped to get gas Saturday at the little StopNRob up by the interstate and noticed a small crowd around a lady standing in the doorway holding a puppy. A really, really cute brown and white, round bellied, blue eyed puppy. She was trying to talk someone into taking the puppy, so I didn't pay much attention to her at first. We don't need any more dogs, three is quite enough.

I stopped short when I heard her say "dead." I drifted a little closer and heard the whole story. She was driving up the interstate and saw this puppy crawling out of a box.

Beside the interstate.

She pulled over and ran back to grab the dog before it could get into traffic. She opened the box and found two puppies in the box that were already dead.

The little fellow that was still alive seems to be ok. She said she'd like to find it a home, but if she couldn't, she would keep it herself. She said something along the lines of "after surviving being thrown out on the interstate it deserves a chance to live." That made me feel a lot better about the little guys prospects. After hearing her story, I would have brought him home with me, no matter how many dogs and cats we already have.

My question is, what kind of sorry low-life piece-of-shit bastard throws a box full of puppies out on the interstate?

Ok fine, you don't want your dogs... Take them to the pound. Leave them on some deserted backroad somewhere... not beside I-75. Give them at least a slim chance at life. There is simply no excuse for this.

And of course it could have been avoided completely by getting their dog fixed. It doesn't cost that much to get it done.

Wonder how they'd like being put in a cardboard box and thrown out by the interstate? I'd be more than happy to help 'em find out how it feels.