Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I said I wouldn't...

but I've decided to bore you anyway.

Yes, I have seized Big Daddy Possum's terminology for Moron projects. I like it. And it is very fitting. I'm trying to justify my Moron project (to myself as well as my banker) mostly because I am weary beyond words of trying to work with equipment that, shall we say, was worn out three owners before me. Lately it seems like every time I go to do something, I have problems.

I mentioned the wheel bearing going out on the 285 a couple of weeks ago and before that the holes in the new radiator, since then I've had (on the 285) other issues...

The grill fell off while plowing. I narrowly missed running over it with the disk.

The threads on the power steering pump reservoir are stripped out, have been for a year or more. The cap finally fell out, lord knows where, so I had to re-tap the thing and put a bolt in its place.

Yes, these are minor, but considering the new radiator and front end work last year, the clutch and multi-power repair the year before and the fact that it needs new rubber, we have the fact that it's started smoking quite a bit. The engine may run for the next twenty years, or it may not last the first day of mowing.

Saturday, I decided to bush-hog, hooked the six-footer up to the Deutz and very quickly discovered why the previous owner told me he mowed with it at 1000rpm... it's because it won't stay in gear at 540rpm. The poor mower was shaking like a Turkish belly dancer. I mowed a strip about forty feet long and then spent the next three hours trying to get the thing to run at 540rpm. It would stay in gear until I got into tall grass and then kick out. So, until I get this figured out, I can't use the Deutz for anything for raking or spraying. I also found out very quickly last week that even though the Deutz (in theory) has the HP to pull the Taylorway Bog harrow, it won't do it. It might with new rubber, but I don't think I want to put any more money into it.

It still has starter problems, I have to park it on the hill so I can roll it off.

The seat (a minor thing) needs replacing, because my big ole belly is in the steering wheel when I drive it. And I need to reroute the kill switch... I have to stand up, reach around the steering wheel and bend waaay over to reach it.

I was going to mow with the batwing and found three flats on it. I spent 2 hours screwing with it before I finally pulled the two tires that couldn't get to air up. I took 'em to the tire place and hopefully got 'em fixed now.

Like I said, the Case has spoiled me. Sooooo, my Moron project is an attempt to get something that I don't have to work on all the time. The problem is figuring out how.

Ok, my whining is completed for now. Back to our regularly scheduled foolishness.