Monday, May 23, 2005

I just saw an old friend of mine on the History Channel, talking about the Andrews raid. That makes four people that I know who've been on various and sundry History Channel shows in the past two years.

I'm still mowing. Hope to be finished tomorrow... today now I guess. The grass looks good. Waist high or better over most of the field. Orchard grass and Fescue for the most part, some Clover (both red and white) and some Vetch in a few spots. Should be close to a thousand square bales and maybe thirty or forty 4x4 rolls. This is going to be a rough week.

Had a scare tonight. Came in from the field around dark-thirty, Sweetie was up at the barn and asked me to come help her worm the foals. As we took care of the last one and were walking out of the stall, the mare hauled off and kicked at the horse in the next stall. Unfortunately baby (little man #2) was right behind her. Sweetie thought the mare'd killed him. He hit the ground and lay there with his legs sticking straight out and twitching. His breathing was pretty ragged and I was sure he had some broken ribs, but he just had the wind knocked out of him. He's going to be ok, but she did hit him in the head, close to his eye. I don't think anything is broken, but there is a lot of swelling, so it's hard to tell.

He did not like getting his eye flushed out, but after a while he quit fighting and let us clean him up. His eye is intact, which is damned lucky. A blow like that could've easily ruptured it. He was up and nursing when we came to the house, so I'd say he's going to be fine. I'll know more in the morning.