Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More four-legged idiot tricks

I spent all day Sunday finishing the fence, y'know the one the idiots tore down last week?

New 39" page wire, one run of bob-wire on top of that and a hot wire on top of that. Good lookin' fence. One of best I've ever built.

Now it consists of broken wire and bent posts. Thanks to a little bull-in-a-china shop rampage by a big DUMB idiot warmblood.

The end result was an idiot three-year old standing in the barn eating away at a 55 gallon drum full of sweetfeed. He's so big and dumb, the hot wire never fazed him. He apparently just rode the fence down and stepped over it.

My sweet bride, who thinks the electric fence isn't working, finds out the hard way that it is. She also discovered that the human body will conduct electricity. Sooooo, instead of putting the tires back on the bushog, fixing the steering on the Ferguson and maybe going with TC to look at a little Moron Project (JD 650 with belly mower) I get to redo what I spent all day Sunday doing.

#$%@%^&@@$ing Warmbloods.