Wednesday, May 11, 2005

a rodeo romance that ended before it began

Ya'll done went and shamed me into writing something, so I'll relay a story that DR told me tonight.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but DR used to rodeo back in the day. His brain finally grew in and he quit that foolishness, but he's still got plenty of stories from those days.

He was at a rodeo once with an old boy named Bill Mooney and they happened to run into a couple of gals that Bill knew. Well, it was getting on up in the evening so the four of 'em found a fairly secluded spot (as secluded as you can get at a rodeo at least) underneath some trees back away from the stands a mite.

Well, it commenced to sprinklin' rain. They still set there and visited in rain until it got rainin' a little harder. Bill jumped up and said "I'll be right back." and disappeared. When he came back he was jinglin' a set of keys in his hand.

They trooped off towards where all the participant parking was and climbed into this great ole big nice four-door dually pickup what belonged to one of Bill's friends.

DR said that Bill got in the front with one of the gals, whilst he and the other one climbed into the back.

I'll tell the rest in his own words as best I can...

Now, we weren't 'zactly rippin' one anothers clothes off, but we weren't sitting on opposite sides of the truck neither, if'n you know what I mean. 'bout the time we started git'in real friendly I seed this big ole boy that looked like Lou Ferrigno come walking by in front of the truck leading four horses, two in each hand. I pointed him out to that gal and said "that guy looks like he's big enough that them horses could ride him 'stead of the other way 'round."

The gal looked up and said "oh, that's my husband."

He didn't say so, but I'm willing to bet he (DR) needed a clean pair of drawers about then.

"Your what?"

"My husband..... we've only been married about a month and a half, I'm about tired of it now."


"ummmm, Bill... I need to git goin"

DR said he made his excuses as quick as he could and hied himself back home as quick as his truck would carry him. Although the gal might not have been too keen on the marriage business, DR was smart enough to know that her husband might just take a dim view of her activities and he didn't want any part of him.