Thursday, June 30, 2005

A depressing topic for a summer day

My mother called me the other day and asked if I thought she could get DR to do a little mowing job for her. I was a bit confused by this, as my brother-in-law mows her yard for her. She went on to explain that it wasn't her yard, but the cemetery that needed mowing. I guess this is what you'd call the family plot. It's behind a small church that they (mom's family) all attended in the early part of the last century. My grandparents on my mothers side are buried there. I have numerous great aunts and uncles there, along with more cousins that I ever knew I had.

My aunts have always taken care of it in the past, but they are all of an age where they are no longer able to. My mother isn't really able to do it either, so it looks like it will fall to me to keep it mowed now. I don't mind doing it. But I admit I'm probably not the best choice. I have cousins, who actually live closer than I do, whether or not they'll take it over is open for debate. I have my doubts.

So, unfortunately, I'm the only choice. I will probably take of things in a haphazard fashion the rest of my days and then there won't be anyone to do it.

As to why I think that, there is another plot close by that is never tended. The newest grave in it is from the thirties. I asked mother why that no one was taking care of it and she told me there wasn't anyone left. Everyone in that family (who are actually some sort of very distant relatives by marriage) had either died off or moved away. I took a few extra minutes and mowed that area while I was there.

Close by my grandparents graves there are three cinderblocks. They've been there as far back as I can remember. I finally asked mom why they were there and she told me that they were to mark the graves of three infant cousins. The blocks were placed there years ago when the wooden markers rotted away. At the time (1920's and 30's) no one had the money to buy proper markers. About thirty years ago someone from that branch of the family offered to put up headstones, but all the old folks had died by then and no one remembered the names of the children, so it was never done.
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