Friday, June 24, 2005

Mad cows and Mad Supreme Court Justices

Beef prices may very well take about a nosedive because of this.

This would probably be time for me to look at buying some calves if the price drops, because sooner or later it will come back up.

But then again, since the Supreme Court has decided that none of us have property rights anymore, what's the point in trying to get ahead?

I can foresee a lot of farm related problems in the very near future because of this ruling. Mostly in areas where creeping development is slowly swallowing the farms near mid-sized and larger cities. It seems to me that most local government types will always be in favor of a subdivision over a farm, because all they can see are dollar signs from the increased tax revenue without ever stopping to consider that in the long run sewers, roads, schools, water etc. will cancel out most if not all of their new revenue. But that will require the effort of actually thinking on their part, which rarely happens.

And that's just the misguided amongst our politicians. We aren't even taking into account the crooks...