Friday, June 03, 2005

My truck has had issues with running hot since I've owned it. A couple of weeks ago I finally broke down and ordered a new heavy-duty radiator to go in it. Yes, I know I could've had the old one cleaned out, but there really wasn't that much difference in price. After we got it changed out we were able to determine that pretty much the whole bottom end was stopped up.

The interesting by-product of this exercise has been my oil pressure... as in it actually has oil pressure now. This threw a little bit of skeer into me. I've owned Fords for twenty years and I've never had one that actually had oil pressure. At least not one with a 302 in it, but come to think of it, I've never owned a Ford that didn't have a 302. I'm used to engines that leak like the Exxon Valdez, so you can understand why this caused concern to me...

Anyhoo, as far as running hot goes, I've had a nary a problem since, even when dragging trailers and wagons loaded with three tons of hay up and down the road.

Got some new chain today to replace the one I broke in the Gehl last Sunday, if the sun will shine tomorrow I'm going to try and roll the rest of what's in the field tomorrow afternoon or Sunday. I need to finish this up so I can get into maintenance mode before the next go-around.