Monday, June 27, 2005

Punkin's hay business

Punkin likes to eat and he likes to talk. I do believe he'd druther do either of those things than to fornicate... Unless he's talking about fornication, in which case the boy just gets real confused, but I am digressing just a wee lil' bit.

Last year Punkin and some of his cronies borrowed a baler from somebody and decided they'd go into the hay business. They even went so far as to have some ball caps made up with the name of their company on 'em.

They mowed a few acres and when the time came to bale it got out there and dropped about twenty-five bales. Then they stopped to BS for a while. Fellow came along and asked if they wanted to sell the hay. "Yeah, we'll sell it"

"Whatcha want fer it?"
"Aww, we'll take thirty dollars fer it."

The passerby duly paid Punkin his thirty dollars, loaded up his hay and went on about his business. Punkin and his cronies went back to BSing. One of 'em pops up and says "Hey! We got some money now... lets go t'Waffle House."

Off they go to the Awful Waffle to continue their BS session.

Couple of hours later they come back to the field and bale about forty bales before someone comes along asking if the they've got hay for sale. Punkin proceeds to sell these forty-odd bales for fifty dollars and another BS session commences.

In the course of this latest BS session, someone says "Hey! We gots some real money now, lets go t'Cracker Barrel." Punkin's eyes lit up at this suggestion so off they go to the Cracker Barrel.

After finishing their second big feed of the day, it finally occurred to Punkin that he still had hay to bale, his daylight was gone and his crew had done et up most of his profit.

I believe he's out of the hay business this year, moving on to less strenuous ventures, but I could be mistaken. He'll be back in it again before it's over with.