Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tractor breakdowns: 0
Tedder breakdowns: 2 (plus spending nearly a $150 on parts for one that doesn't even belong to me)
Baler problems: 0 (other than breaking 5 shear pins in a row before figuring out there was half a tedder tine in the bale chamber)
Number of times a tractor/baler/wagon or combination thereof got stuck: 2
Number of flat tires: 1
Gallons of salt water I sweated out: at least 50

Total # of bales in the barn: 298 (for this week, actual total is something like 700+)
Total # of bales in someone elses barn: 100
Amount of hay still in the field: Good question, probably 75-100 squares or 10-15 rolls. Rolls look good right now. My flunkies are playing Cellars and Lizards* tomorrow and can't be bothered to do any physical labor.

My blood pressure/aggravation level: Outta sight.

It is time, past time really, to get something new. As much as I love Fords, I am seriously leaning towards a Massey 471 (4wd of course... no more getting stuck for me) mostly because it is in the hp range I need and it has a live pto, as opposed to an indepentant pto. That makes life easier when baling small squares because you can bump the flywell if you clog the baler up, instead of having to clean the baler out.

I had been interested in a 281/481, but after reading up on the specs I've discovered it is the same machine as the 471. Same engine, same weight, same size. The only difference is that the fuel is turned up to generate 10 more hp. Hopefully next spring I will have some money saved up for a down payment, between that and trading in the Deutz I hope to be on a brand new machine for a fairly reasonable payment.

*Dungeons and Dragons