Sunday, July 03, 2005

I woke up before seven this morning to the sound of thunder. I usually sleep in on Sundays, but I scrambled out of bed pretty quick today because I had went to Lowes yesterday and bought four bags of concrete that was still in the back of the truck. I figured I'd best get it unloaded. Naturally, the storm passed on by. But at least I did get a little work done before it got too hot.

I spent about four hours today sitting on the Ferguson mowing. In that time I thought of about forty things to write about and damned if I can remember any of 'em right now. My memory has never been good, but it seems to to headed south in a hurry lately.

I did see more critters today than I normally do. I am accustomed to seeing field mice and the occasional rabbit, but today I saw about six or eight BIG rabbits, one of which was so big I thought he was going to walk up to the tractor and say "ehhh, what's up doc?" I narrowly missed getting eaten up by a nest of hornets. They are evidently building low this year. Not sure what that means. Saw one black snake, which I left alone... had it been a copperhead or rattlesnake I would've shredded him. Speaking of which, I killed a baby copperhead at the barn the other day. That tends to make me nervous, because where there's one, there are likely to be a whole lot more.

The most interesting thing was the deer. A very young one. Momma was nowhere in sight and this little thing was scared to death of the big red noisy thing. It kept circling back around, but as soon as I would make a turn and head back to that end of the field, it would head for the tall Johnsongrass. I am guessing that momma left it hidden in the part of the field that I mowed. I'm glad that it was big enough that it had developed its flight instinct, otherwise I could have very well missed seeing it and hit it with the mower. Some of the neighbors have had that happen before.

And naturally, I didn't have the camera with me. I have noticed that whenever I take it with me, there's nothing to take pictures of, but I when I don't have it there are all kinds of interesting things to see. Too bad... I would've liked to have had a shot of the deer and the big-assed rabbit.