Thursday, July 07, 2005

My bride has a B'day coming up and I've already bought her present and gave it to her. I will never understand women and the inner workings of their brains. I have figured out by now that many women, my bride included, do not like gifts that are practical in any shape, form or fashion. That being said, I bought my bride something somewhat practical. Shockingly enough, Sweetie is quite happy with her present, but when I told one of my female co-workers about it her response was "...oh, you're such a romantic..."

Yes indeed, that was sarcasm. Why the sarcasm? Because I bought my darling bride a vacuum cleaner.

To be honest I can understand the sarcasm directed at me because of that, but the rest of the conversation was what boggled my Tiny Little Brain™.

"What kind of vacuum cleaner did you buy her?"

"A Dyson full gear."

"OH! That's a different story then..."

Apparently women lust after Dyson vacuum cleaners, therefore they are considered to be acceptable gifts. I wonder if the reaction would have been the same had I bought her a Hoover. I doubt it.

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