Monday, August 29, 2005

Got my truck fixed today

Wasn't too bad. Fifty-nine bucks... could've been a lot worse.

It had not started raining yet when I got home. I says to myself "I'm going to straighten those belts out and go roll the rest of that field."

One slight problem with that. Evidently the new solenoid on the Ferguson is bad. I started it, opened up the back door on the baler to set the latches that let the tension off the belts, shut the tractor off and only then realized that I needed to leave it running so I could work the door...

Click. Click. Click.

This is the second soleniod I've put on in the past two weeks. I also had the starter rebuilt last week. Between the two of them it was close to... more money than I care to think about, considering the fact that the ^&*%^ is dead again.

Oh well, looks like it's going to rain for the next couple of days anyway.