Thursday, August 25, 2005

I had to quit mowing early yesterday

'cause the windshield wipers on the Fergie don't work.

Yeah, it rained. A narrow band about four miles wide, just enough to wet me and all of my neighbors who are trying to mow hay right now. It wasn't enough to hurt anything, but just enough to knock me out of finishing yesterday.

Soooo, I changed the oil in the Fergie whilst it was raining, put the rebuilt starter on the Deutz (it still won't start, I think the battery is plumb dead) and aggravated the neighbors for a while, because I could y'know.

The Ferguson is starting to have a lot of blow-by in the engine, bigger brother thinks this is from my el-cheapo/free Shell Rimula I've been running in it, so I bought oil to put it. Talk about sticker shock. I haven't bought any oil in 2 years. Four gallons of oil and a Wix filter was $48. We had always ran Delo 400 in it in the past, but TC recommended another oil, Mystik JT-8 and being how it was a dollar a gallon cheaper than Delo, I tried it. First thing I noticed was that it was thick... almost like pouring four gallons of Lucas into it. My original plan was to use Delo, along with a gallon of Lucas, but I figured I'd try this first. I really, really, really don't want to rebuild that engine anytime soon.

I guess I'll find out today if this helps.