Sunday, August 21, 2005

I mowed for three hours yesterday and five hours today. In all, I've clipped close to fifty acres in the last two days. I cleaned off the batwing with the pressure washer before I started this morning and within thirty minutes my "red" bushhog was pretty much a solid yellow...

Wonder if that has anything to do with my chronic nosebleeds?

At least 24D will kill ragweed. I wish Dow or Monsanto or somebody would come up with a broadcast herbicide to deal with you-know-what.

I rode with DR today to go drop his bike (as in bicycle, not motorcycle) off to get it "tuned up." What the heck is up with that? From what he told me, they're going to hose it down with WD40 and charge him fifty bucks for the privilege. Now, I'll admit I'm not into bikes, but really... Who in the hell pays two grand for a bicycle?

It was funny to me because the sales guys who worked there fell all over themselves to talk to people when the came in the door. It was a couple of minutes before I realized that none of 'em even looked at me...

Of course, I was wearing filthy bibb overalls and the most disreputable ballcap I own.

Those guys knew I wasn't there to buy anything.