Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm actually not in the middle of doing hay right now, just velly, velly busy at the Salt Mines plus trying to get a lot of things done on the farm. Mostly moving my piles of crap around. I've noticed that we never really get of rid of anything... we just move the piles.

I was trying to do some dirt work with the Case today (I'm trying to learn how to grade and do a halfway decent job) and had moved several yards of clay over beside the roadbed I'm trying to fix when a gawdawful thunderstorm blew up. I was soaked within seconds and my pile of dirt is now a gigantic mud pie.

In other news, I heard a good one at the barbershop this morning.

There is an elderly gentleman who comes in there who got into some sort of legal dispute with some of his relatives over some hay that they claimed belonged to them, while he claimed it was his.

The relatives took him to court over this. While he was on the witness stand, the relatives attorney tried to make something of the fact that the old man liked to drink a lot. He asked him whether he'd had anything to drink on a particular day and the old man told him "Naw, I didn't drank no anti-freeze, jist had some kool-aid." This apparently stymied the attonery, who did not realize that "kool-aid" was the term the old man used for beer. Liquor, of course, was "anti-freeze."

Later on, they got down to the questions about the hay and the lawyer asked "Where exactly, is this hay now?"

The old man answered seriously (as in not being a smartass) "Way-uul, I reckon it's in them cows bellies."