Thursday, September 22, 2005

I gots more hay on the ground than Carter's got liver pills.

I started rolling the outside windrows yesterday. Dropped about four or five and saw smoke coming from the back of the baler. A bearing on one of the top rollers has went out. I'm just glad I saw it before I caught thee baler on fire.

Went and picked up the Ford and the square baler, along with one of my flunkies. Baled about half of what was raked and ended up with a wagon load.

DR came by and volunteered to follow me to the barn. As we were hooking the wagon to my truck I saw some people walking up the road nearby. Didn't pay any attention until we started up the road. My flunkie rode with me, with DR following in his truck.

As we turned out onto the main road, I saw the people who were walking ahead of us. It was three women who had been out jogging (or walking or whatever). As we got closer (I'm pulling two tons of hay on a four wheeled wagon, so I'm moving pretty slow) I saw that the nearest woman was wearing one of those jogging bras and spandex britches.

Y'know how there are some people who should be banned from wearing spandex? Well, let us just say that this gal ain't one of 'em. When we got real close to 'em I looked at Fry (my flunkie) and said "Check your mirror and see if DR runs off the road when he sees her."

Fry commenced to laughing because just about the time I said that, we saw DR's headlights cut over as he swerved toward the ditch..

It's amazing the boy didn't wreck.