Thursday, September 21, 2006

Reinforcing the stereotype™, Volume MCXVII

I'm working on a large project right now that was started by another agency. This is a typical thing, as some clients will often change agencies in the middle of things. What makes this job a little more aggravating than normal is because it was laid out in Adobe Indesign. If this were a small project, it wouldn't be an issue, as I know my way around Indesign fairly well, but I am by no means an expert in it. This project is a large document of a couple hundred pages, which is a different kettle of fish from an ad or something of that nature.

This is in part because of my luddite tendencies, of which I have written of before (I clung to OS9 long after the rest of the free world went to OSX it seems). I stuck with Quark until I because so fed up with all the bugs and foreign tech support that I'd had enough, but six months after buying Indesign, I still use quark for 75% of my work.

Ok now, will all the boring, silly background out of the way, here's my reinforcing the stereotype™ story.

I have a buddy who is a designer who happened to be an early adopter of Indesign, when I run into a problem, rather than wasting my time looking something up in the manual, I call him.

So today, I am trying to figure how to do something with master pages and hit a snag. I call Reed on his cell, no answer, so I keep working. A little while later I call again, this time he answers the phone.

"Hello" he says in a whisper.

He, being the great smartass that he is, is playing some kind of joke I'm thinking. Me, being the great smartass that I am answer him back in a whisper.

"whatchew whispering for, sh*t-for-brains?"

Still in a whisper, he replies

"I'm huntin, whatchew need?"

"I got an Indesign question, but I'll call you later."

"Naw,that'ss alright, whats the problem?"

Tech support from a tree stand, where else but in the South?

* Reinforcing the Stereotype™ is not to be confused with Big Daddy Possum's "Perpetuating the Stereotype®."