Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ok, this

is actually the view from my window.

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Not a great picture, but considering it was cloudy today and I was actually shooting through inch thick glass, it ain't bad.

The relic show is this weekend. They are a couple of weeks early this year, not sure why. I hope to have some good gun porn to post this weekend.

In other news, I have some DR tales, but they're going to have to wait just a leetle while.

I've been tied up helping my neighbor burn a humungous brushpile. We've been running the crap out of the Case. Hells bells, my neighbors have got more use out of it that I have so far. I need to bring it home and do some work over on the back side this winter whilst I can kinda see what I'm doing. We keep kicking around the idea of rebuilding the motor on the Cat before it has trees growing up through it, but to be honest, I don't have the freaking time. If scrap metal stays high I may junk the damn thing.