Sunday, February 04, 2007

I feel bad, because

I promised gun porn and I just don't have much worth showing. Nothing really caught my eye today in the way of firearms, other than this Dragoon...

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Which I found interesting simply because it was converted to cartridge. To me that's an awful big weapon to carry on your hip, even though I have used Dragoons as belt guns in my foolish youth. I am now firmly of the opinion that Dragoons and Walkers belong in pommel holsters on the front of your saddle, not your belt.

And here we have the ever popular LeMat. I will get around to getting myself a repop one of these days, just to plink with.

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I have more pictures, but they're pretty crappy and not all of them are firearms, I also took pictures of some saddles, a nice looking pair of Mexican spurs and a Rev War era Dragoon helmet.

This is all for now, if I do a little photoshop work on the other pictures, I may put some of them up later this week.