Monday, February 26, 2007

It's gonna be Monday

all day long.

My F-150 is probably totalled. I was rear-ended by a Mack truck on the way into work this morning. My back is a little sore and I have a cut on my head where I busted the back glass with it but other than that I seem to be ok, my poor truck, on the other hand, is in pretty sad shape.

I had came through a traffic light near the interstate when a semi came around the cloverleaf with a load of rocks (as in big rocks, as in landscaping boulders), one of which rolled off the truck in front of me as I went forward when the light changed. I stomped brakes to avoid hitting this thing (it bounced when it hit the ground... once. They said it weighed about three thousand pounds) and got hit twice by the truck following me. I didn't realize it at the time, but he knocked me a good thirty-five or forty feet.

I am one lucky SOB. If I hadn't stopped at the red light a few seconds earlier, I would have either A) been in the path of the falling rock, or B) been going about 40 when I was hit instead of 15-20, in either case I would be in the hospital or the morgue.

The truck is AFU, bed looks like an accordian, back glass is broken and there is a major oil leak up front. The hitch is bent into an L-shape and the frame rails have a nice bow to them now. Both doors are screwed up (I had to pry the driver-side door open to get my crap out of it).

As for the Mack... I think I scratched the chrome on his bumper.